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Take legal action

Many cases of cyberbullying (like their adult cyberharassment equivalent) are not criminal. They may come close to violating the law, but may not cross the line. Most of the time, the threat of closing their ISP or instant messaging account is enough to make things stop. But sometimes, either because the parents want to make an example of the cyberbully or because it isn't stopping, lawyers need to be brought in. It may also be the only way you can find out who is behind the attacks.

This is not the time to call your local real estate or general practice lawyer. You'll need someone expert in cyber-harassment cases and experienced with cyberforensics. These lawyers can be pretty expensive and most of the time, you cannot sue the cyberbully (or their family) for the attorneys fees as well. Think carefully before you decide to take this kind of action. Even if you win in the end, it may take you two or three years to get there and cost you tens of thousands of dollars. You may be angry enough to start it, but make sure that you have something more than anger to sustain the long months and years of litigation.  

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