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Teenangels (

Teenangels are special and very talented teen volunteers between the ages of 13 and 18. Teenangels design and deliver offline presentations on all aspects of safe, private and responsible Internet and wireless use to other  teens, children and parents.

The Teenangels are trained in a comprehensive and intense program on all aspects of the 5Ps (privacy, predators, pornography, pop-ups and piracy). The FBI, FTC and other leading governmental agencies in the United States participate in their training. (Equivalent groups help train Teenangels outside of the United States.) The program was so well-received that a younger group was formed, called the Tweenangels, to include preteens between the ages of 10 and 13.

We quickly learned that by educating these special teens, we were also empowering them to help others. Additionally, other young Internet users responded better to messages delivered by their peers.

But, there is far more to Teenangels than their ability to speak to other their own age. They are certified experts in many aspects of cybercrime and abuse. They brief law enforcement agencies on new ways the Internet is being misused and how young Internet users communicate. (They have even designed a chat translator” that allows you to translate chat lingo into English and vice versa.)

Because of their unique combination of sophisticated training  and insight into the use of the digital technologies by children and teens, the Teenangels have helped identify new risks as they arise over the years. These have included spyware and pop-ups, interactive gaming, instant  messaging away-messages and new types of cyber-bullying and online harassment.

They also included new ways online predators are trying to lure children into offline meetings and sexually exploit our youth. Their special insight has been invaluable to the development of new programs and messages., as well as solutions to these risks.

Interested in sponsoring a Teenangels chapter in your area? Contact to learn how. If you are interested in having the Teenangels speak at your event, please contact .

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