2013 Stop Cyberbullying Youth Summit Pictures and Videos

Check out the footage from the Youth Summit Ceilidh at the bottom of the page. Acts include: Julia MacVicar,Patrick Bunston,Brittany Banks & Andrew Murray,Dylan Menzie,Julien and Joey Kitson,Rylee Lynch,Hannah Rashed,The Cup Kids,Brielle Ansems,Siobhan Armstrong,Ava & Lily Rashed,David Rashed,Intruder,Jordan Cameron,Laura Mohan,Dakota Oliver,John Hashem,Sonia Walker,Julia Dunn,Katherine Moller & Tom Richards,Jack Squires,Ross Family Band,Ripped Paper,Nicole Haddad, Kim Mooney & the Eliot River Elementary School Choir ,Tim Chaisson

A message from Dr. Phil for the StopCyberbullying Youth Summit 2013

A message from the premier of Nova Scotia

Ontario Premier Wynne's Video Greeting

A message from the premier of British Colombia

Stopcyberbullying Video

Don't Stand By Stand Up

Stories of Cyberbullying

Kensington Intermediate Senior High - Waves

Preparation for the Youth Summit

2013 Stop Cyberbullying Youth Summit

Youth Summit Ceilidh Playlist